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I'm a happy and content person, secure in who she is. I have a wide variety of interests that include but are not limited to music, cooking, reading, fitness pursuits, gardening and making dinners for friends. I also love animals and have several pets.
western Canada
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I love my job and am fulfilled in my work; and in my free time, pursue the things I listed such as cooking, exercise, reading, and time with friends.
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I am both a musician and a lover of music, so I listen to and play a lot of music. I love contemporary Christian music, contemporary classical piano, some jazz, lots of old rock that I grew up with, basically anything that's not rap, teeny-bopper hip-hop, or heavy metal.
Favorite TV Shows:
I don't actually have a TV. Gave it up about 8 years ago and no regrets. Like a movie now and again, also watch some series' on DVD, like Gray's Anatomy, CSI, Gilmore Girls. Not really a big issue in my life.
Favorite Movies:
Recent one: Slum Dog Millionaire Older One: The Red Violin
Favorite Books:
I read so, so much...I read contemporary literature mosty; fiction for the most part, some non-fiction. Current authors I like are David Adams Richards, Sara Gruen, Sena Jeter Naslund, Khaled Hosseini, Abraham Verghese. Also I read authors like Phillip Yancey and Donald Miller, contemporary Christian thinkers/writers.
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I'll have to come back and edit this...

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